Posthaven is a Safe Haven for post-Posterous

For the record, I have been using several blogging platforms during the years. At the moment, I am publishing stuff at:







It is interesting to read two different stories on how Posterous came about and what happened after Twitter acquired the company. It seems that Sachin Agarwal had the idea that Posterous should had stayed as a simple micro-blog tool for photos, similar to how I use the Martin Lindeskog's Tumblelog on Tumblr as a scrapbook and bulletin board.

From Sachin Agarwal's post, Play by your own rules – via Medium

A great story about the Gowalla vs Foursquare battle. Can’t say I don’t see a ton of similiarities here with what happened with Posterous. 

I started the company with an idea around mobile photo sharing using email. It was chasing the competition that took us down the route of blogging. 

Blogging platforms already had a known feature set, a known set of success metrics, known competitors. It’s easier to enter an existing market as an underdog, than it is to do something truly new and unique. 

(, March 6, 2013.) 

I think it is room for several types of new media content creation tools. Many have declared the death of the blogosphere, but personally I think it will still be the main hub in the future. And if Garry Tan of Posthaven will keep his promise of keeping the blogging process clean and simple, and that you will be able to store the material "forever," it could become the safe haven for plenty of blog posts in the future...


Safe Haven Official Trailer

For more information on Posthaven, read Matthew Guay's post, Interview with the Posthaven Team, Making a New Home for Posterous Blogs. I agree with Garry Tan's notion on that you should pay for using an email service like Gmail. 

Sachin Agarwal picked Wordpress as his new blog home. Do you have a favorite blogging tool and website platform?