Brent Leary's Interview with Jon Ferrara of Nimble

I got an aha moment after listening to Brent Leary's interview with Jon Ferrara, CEO of Nimble.

Nimble could be the perfect tool for my worklife and transform the F.I.X IT! productivity approach into an integrated workflow system, combining my social media activities and educational process for supply chain management (purchasing & logistics) professionals. Could this be the optimal solution for a lifestyle design architect?

Here is an excerpt from Ivana Taylor's post, Nimble Daily Drives Profitable Social Selling Opportunities:

Start. Stop. Start. Stop. Uuugh.

And this is what brings me to Nimble. I think it was Jon Ferrara that contacted me and told me about Nimble when it first came out. I was immediately engaged in the possibility of nurturing the thousands of relationships that were flowing past me in digital streams. I knew that if I could master this, I would insert a powerful leveraging tool in the growth of my business and business relationships.

(, December 18, 2012.)

What do you think? Is this the "holy grail" of social CRM?