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Loved Saras video on the type of people that become entrepreneurs!

Here are some quick notes on what stood out for me:
- There is no one type of person that cannot become an entrepreneur
- You need to start someplace to become one.
- Your attitude to failure is important
Entrepreneurs need:
- Action to try to solve a problem with entrepreneurial methods
- To be willing to do it again. Failure teaches you not only what not to do, but also how to do things.

I find the reference to be willing to accept and learn from failure very interesting. Living here in France it is clear that this is a culture that reacts differently to "failure". The French love business people when they are successful, but as soon as their business encounters difficulties the business person is stigmatized. The entrepreneur with a failure on record has a very hard time indeed. The failure is seen as very negative. There is no positive recognition for trying to do something. This is of course a huge difference to the North American culture.

So, of course, this makes me wonder how these cultural differences influence entrepreneurial success here in France. This also reminds me of other discussions on how many French entrepreneurs move abroad. And I grew up in a country which experienced a massive "brain drain" during my teenage years, and seeing the devastation this brings, effects my personal opinions on this.